About Us

Aston Fox treats each property as unique, as do our clients. Apartments and houses even within the same development or on the same road have their own individual features or style that tell a story. Our goal is to assess the correct marketing value of your home or investment. Our friendly and courteous staff have extensive experience and a broad knowledge of Newham, so they are able help you find the most suitable property in the best area for you.

Award Winning Estate Agents

Our constant pledge for great customer service has not gone un-noticed.

Our Award Winning Team

Matthew Sayer

Matthew has a wealth of knowledge spanning over 20 years in the industry, having worked in the area for the majority of these years, his expertise doesn’t stop there. He was previously the Area Manager for the UK’s largest Estate Agency group and has also specialised in prestige and luxury property nationwide. Matthew has a fantastic understanding of client’s needs and what is going on in the marketplace. As one of the partners at Aston Fox, his drive, enthusiasm and determination that Aston Fox delivers the best service on the high street from start to finish shines through from the moment you meet him and you will realised that you’re in the safest hands on the High Street.

Paul Long

Paul is now in his ninth year with the industry. Although new to Aston Fox, his experience and expertise are second to none. He has been the top sales man for many consecutive years at various companies and really is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to selling homes in Newham and surrounding areas. He is always happy to help any client and will always go above and beyond to make sure that every client finds their ideal home. Now that he is Aston Fox’s assistant manager, he is quickly passing his knowledge and experience on to the rest of the team and with him at the helm of the team we are sure your sale will be seamless and an enjoyable process.

Calli Archard-Diaz

Fresh and raring to go, Calli is now an established negotiator and has been with the company for over a year. Eager to learn and eager to sell, she has the right attitude to go a long way in the industry. Her enthusiasm to sell you a home and book you to see properties is apparent as soon as you speak to her and from start to finish your experience will be point perfect.

Corran Street

With an eagerness to please and learn, Corran is new to the estate agency industry. Already showing great flare and enthusiasm for his role, he is well positioned and already very knowledge able about the area. He is always available to look after your needs and get you out viewing quickly.

Chloe-Ann Artiss

Chloe is the real back bone of the office and although she is behind the scenes, she is there to make sure the office runs smoothly and efficiently. Her administration skills are second to none and her attention to detail and speed of getting the job done really shows from the start to finish in anything that she has to do. She is always polite and courteous, she is a real champion for the Aston Fox brand.